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Separating Yourself By Being Uncommon

There’s so many people in this world who want to achieve greatness, but they aren’t willing to make the sacrifice to accomplish it. They aren’t putting in the time to be uncommon. These people lack energy, strong body language, poise, confidence, and gratitude. It’s called “controlling what you can control.” So many people aren’t willing to do the little things with just as much effort as they do the larger tasks. If we don’t execute the smaller details, we won’t accomplish things beyond “common.”

In order to be “uncommon,” we must respond with more energy on the small tasks. Doing your job beyond expectations will not only lead to success for those around you, but will maximize your complete potential.

However, even more than that, your first impression is just as critical. Many people instantly lose the attention of others because they aren’t engaging. They faintly introduce themselves with a noodle arm handshake. Their body language shows they aren’t engaged and ready to bring life to the conversation. In addition, they are dressed poorly in certain settings. I always dress beyond expectations because it is a way I gain even more confidence.

In my life, I’ve always done everything I can to have 110% energy and confidence. You have a critical 30-second moment to show that you are engaged and willing to talk to a person. If you don’t want to think about it: be energetic, engaged, and have strong body language in everything you do. If you make it instinct, it will become habit.

You might not think people are watching, but in this world, your “impression” is on 24/7. Every action or decision you make might dictate a future opportunity. The way you interact with those around you makes a huge difference in how you are perceived by others. Bringing out the best in people and getting them to reach their maximum potential is not only rewarding, but is noticed by people in leadership positions. Those people who don’t have passion and energy aren’t going to excel beyond “common.” They certainly won’t rally people around them to accomplish high-level goals.

In all situations, go out of your way to meet people and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. It might provide you with a connection you never thought you could obtain. Leaders want to see confidence, energy, passion, and poise. If you want to stand in the shadows, those individuals will let you keep standing there. There are some things you can’t control, but the way you present yourself is all on YOU.

After you meet that person, express your gratitude and send a message to them. Oftentimes, sending a hand-written thank you note can be effective and rewarding. We don’t express thanks to people in our world enough. By presenting yourself professionally, you aren’t settling for common. You are showing that you have value, are uncommon, and willing to take risks. Going out on a limb to talk to someone shows you have confidence, energy, and passion. It’s something that’s seen less frequently in today’s world, but separates average professionals from elite ones!


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