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Music is Magical

I can barely describe the feeling when a symphony stretches and climaxes to the end of a piece. As a singer, your job is to portray the emotion, be precise, sustain, fade into the distance, or accelerate to the finish with power. The dynamics bring the notes on the page to life. You feel the highs and lows of the music -- the strings floating, the cellos thumping, the horns playing crisply and the low brass section entering with authority. Everyone is bringing the composer's vision to life. The conductor guides the entire journey and motions with fury to signify the depth of each musical movement. Whether it's smooth, powerful or reserved, you're locked in with the leader for every passing second. You feel the pulse of everyone in the group. Measures float by. You crescendo with every ounce of breath you've stored away. Chills float deep to your toes as you move up and down the scale.

Only a singer can describe what it's like. When we reached the middle of the song, I thought of my long-time mentor, who walked opera stages across the world. He was watching from the best seat in the house, smiling from ear-to-ear and singing every note. The music pushes forward and you near the finish line. When you do, you get this deep sensation floating through you. There's just a few seconds remaining before you feel the ultimate moment. I've been lucky to experience this numerous times during my college career. On this stage, for 15 minutes, I was in another world with more than 200 singers and symphonic instruments. Nothing else was happening but beauty.

We held the final note and everything paused around me. Tonight, like many times, a tear filled my eye. The conductor steps off the podium, you let out one deep breath and take a bow in front of a roaring crowd. So many feelings cycle through you. Music is a beautiful thing that has touched my life for so long. Performances still fill me with emotion every single time.

Whether it's the initial challenge of mastering a piece, collaborating with the group, or spending hours mastering each note, you reach the finish line together on the stage. There's no better feeling. To continue making music in college was very special to me. I never imagined it would be possible. I owe so much to Dr. Matthew Mehaffey, Chris McGinley and Ahmed Anzaldua for making these past three semesters a reality.

Even though my time at the U is coming to an end, I want to continue singing. Ever since I can remember, there have always been three important constants in my life: writing, music and sports. Whether it was a musical production, band concert or a choir event, the notes and sounds have always there. Through my eyes, the ability to express yourself through music is a gift from above. It's something I'll never lose in my life. Whether you realize it or not - big or small - music is part of you. No matter what challenges we face in our lives, there is always a song that can lift us up.

It's truly a magical feeling - one I never want to lose.


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